Spring is here and with the daffodils and mild weather comes fashion with colour and freedom at last from the constrictions of winter.

 Fashion with colour and freedom of Hair

Hair, too, is changing. From my trips to Paris and Los Angeles, I have been inspired by a new, joyful sense of verve and artfully shaped naturalness. We can see this is in colour, cut and curls.

Colour: The brunettes and the blonds think Angelina Jolie and Oscar winners Anne Hathaway and  Jennifer Lawrence. I use a new technique that involves depositing gradations of colour; this is not highlights but rather a kind of painting. This technique, which I learned in Paris, requires the stylist to follow the natural direction, the flow of the hair. Of course, we colour according to skin tones and eye colour.

Cut:  Short is in, but we’re not talking geometric or symmetrical. Free-style, organic and loose are the concepts. And the result is sexy, not severe.

Curls: Insead of working against them, we’re using them to advantage, and relying on the latest advances in texturizing to make them loose and glossy.

In sum, free-style, organic hair that is easy to maintain.

See you soon at yada for your New Look.

YD/ Yada Team

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